Websites about Medieval Korea
(in English).

Compiled by Ásfríðr Ulfvíðardóttir/ Rebecca Lucas.

These lists are loosely organised by topic, instead of era. I hope they're useful.
All links last checked 18th February 2010.


These journals are freely available online, usually the articles are a PDF download.

International Journal of Korean History (click on the link in English at the bottom of the page.) Also here, with a link on the left hand side of the page.)

Korea Journal

Korea Science, a free journal article database with a scientific focus, which includes food, pottery and tableware history.

Sungkyun Journal of East-Asian Studies

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, sometimes discusses pre-1600 items of clothing.

Koreana, doesn't have quite the same academic focus as some other journals, but has great articles that give a good grounding in a particular topic.

Korean History: A Bibliography. Compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, is extremely comprehensive, and is organised by topic.


Online Museum Resources on Asian Art: Korea

Amore Museum, Korea: Tea Culture

Amore Museum, Korea: Ceramic Craft Gallery

The Traditional Art of Beauty and Perfume in Ancient Korea at The Scented Salamander. Is a summary of a recent exhibition of the Coreana Cosmetics Museum.

Cultural Heritage Association of Korea has photographs of many of the items designated 'National Treasures' and 'Important Folklore Materials'.
See also their 'E-publications' link, for journals and booklets in PDF for free. Includes a book about the Koguryo Tomb Murals [PDF].

Herstory: Korean Women in Art [Korean language, but fantastic pictures].

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Korean Art Timeline

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arts of Korea

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arts of Korea: A Resource for Educators. PDF book by Elizabeth Hammer and edited by Judith G. Smith. Illustrated with examples from the Met collections.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Art of the Korean Renaissance: 1400-1600.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Korean items

Victoria and Albert Museum Image Search

English Translations of Primary Sources

Asia for Educators has numerous excerpts from the two volumes of Sources of Korean Tradition: From Early Times Through the Sixteenth Century:

Re-enactment and historian pages

Henny Savenije's Portal of Korean History

Louise de la Mare: The Beauty of Korean Traditional Clothing

Korean History: A Bibliography. Compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson, University of Hawaii.

The SCA Asian Persona Survey, lists some people interested in medieval Korean culture.

SCA-Korea is a Yahoo!Group mailing list, discussing pre-1600 Korean culture, in English.